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Iran to prosecute those behind killing Afghan migrants, says envoy

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KABUL: Afghan Ministry of Defense has said that Iranian officials vowed to prosecute those behind shooting a car in Yazd which killed three Afghan migrants.

Three Afghans were killed and four injured in Iran’s central Yazd province after their vehicle was shot at by Iranian police, starting the fire.

Afghan defense ministry said in a statement that Iranian officials in a meeting with Afghan ambassador to Tehran have pledged a full investigation into the incident and prosecution of those behind it.

Afghanistan Ambassador to Tehran, Abdul Ghafor Liwal, has met with officials of Yazd province of Iran, where he discussed the details of the incident.

After police officers shot out the tires, Liwal has said, the car crushed the road pumps, thereof igniting a fire, killing three Afghan migrants and injuring several others in Yazd city of Iran.

Earlier, a video surfaced on social media showed that a vehicle carrying the Afghan refugees stock in fire. At least three people were killed in the incident and a number of others severely wounded.

The incident faced a strong reaction by the Afghan citizens and members of the parliament, calling on the government to probe the issue.

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