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Iran-US tension may not harm Afghanistan

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan hopes that the US pull out from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and tensions between two countries would not put negative impacts on it.

US President, Donald Trump on Tuesday, announced that his country pulled out the nuclear deal with Iran called as Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA). The deal signed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama in 2015, based on which Iran agreed to halt its uranium enrichment program and the US and European countries would lift sanctions on Tehran.

Foreign ministry says that Kabul maintains friendly relationships with both Tehran and Washington and would keep continuing such relations.

“With the regional and international consensus have taken place regarding Afghanistan, we believe that there is a common viewpoint on Afghanistan based on cooperation. Therefore, we are optimistic that the event will not put a negative impact on us,” said foreign ministry spokesman, Shekib Mostaghni.

 Trump who had frequently threatened to quit the deal since the 2016 presidential race, accused Iran last day of exporting “dangerous” rockets, provoking tensions across the Middle East and arming Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban and al-Qaeda.

He also threatened to reinstate economic sanctions in high level on Iran.

Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani reacted to Trump’s announcement, saying that Tehran would be ready to restore nuclear program after conversations with Russia, China, France, Germany, UK and EU as other parts of the deal.

Afghanistan has strategic ties with the United States and Washington plays the lead in the war on terror in the war-hit country.

Relations between Kabul and Tehran are also friendly politically and commercially.

Dawood Kalakani, a member of parliament is afraid that tensions between Iran and the United States would put negative impacts on Afghanistan.

“Iranians try to harm the US and its allies’ interests. Chabahar port, Taliban support, commercial ties and Afghan migrants can be things that cause economic, political and military tensions in Afghanistan,” said Kalakani.

Iran is against the US military presence in its neighboring country. It is accused of supporting Taliban, an accusation Tehran denies.

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