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Islamabad suspends Afghan flights by 80 per cent

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KABUL: The Pakistani government suspended 80 percent flights from Afghanistan in a bid to prevent the spread of the pandemic Covid-19. But the Afghan Aviation Authority accused Islamabad of violating bilateral agreement signed between the two countries.

Mohammad Naeem Salehi, a spokesman for the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority said that Pakistan made the decision without consulting with the Afghan officials. “Pakistan has taken a unilateral decision,” he added.  

Pakistan termed possible fears about increasing of Covid-19 outbreak. “If Pakistan insist on its decision and the problem remain unsolved,” Salehi said. “The Afghan government will take a similar action; it means the flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will also be limited.”

He said that the Afghan government is discussing the issue with Pakistani to find a solution.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic virus, Pakistan has so far closed its crossing points with Afghanistan for many times.

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