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Islamabad, Tehran back Afghan peace process: Pakistan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that Pakistan and Iran have been struggling for peace restoration in Afghanistan. He said that Iran was an important neighbor of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In an interview with Iranian state news agency the other day he said that peace restoration and stability in Afghanistan has been the will of the neighboring countries. He added that Iran and Pakistan are the neighbors of Afghanistan and both countries are working for bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan. He said that peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of all regional countries including Pakistan and Iran.

Chaudhry said that after growing tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan still stands on its policies for stable and peaceful Afghanistan. He said that Pakistan is playing key role in facilitating peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban, adding that Pakistan hopes that Afghanistan will too play its vital role in this regard.

He furthered that Islamabad is hosting regional conference the “Heart of Asia”. He added the conference will be attended by 12 regional and neighboring countries of Afghanistan, 14 supporting countries and 14 international organizations.

He said, “We are waiting for the confirmation of Afghanistan and India whether they attend the conference.” He hoped the conference which will be held on December 9 will affirm full support for the reconstruction, development, peace and stability of Afghanistan.

He said that people of Pakistan are united against all terrorist groups and willing to see peace in Afghanistan and in the whole region.

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