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Jakarta session to discuss Afghan war

AT-KABUL: The Jakarta summit is expected to discuss the Afghan war based on religious orders, said a government official.

A session of the Islamic scholars is set to be held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia in which 50 clerics are scheduled to participate and discuss the war in Afghanistan and seek a solution.

“15 clerics from Afghanistan, 15 from Pakistan and 20 from Indonesia will attend the session. They will discuss the war in Afghanistan according to Islamic orders that this is illegal,” said Qasem Halimi, deputy justice minister.

Yousuf Kala, Indonesian vice president who attended the Kabul Process conference, expressed hope that the Jakarta session would find a way to resolve the problem in Afghanistan.

The session will be held from March 15 to 19 and Indonesian foreign minister has already talked to the country’s clerics for preparations.

Indonesia has recently got interest in Afghan affairs and its officials say they would do their best to find a solution for the war in Afghanistan.

Jakarta believes that Islamic scholars play a key role in this regard. Head of Indonesia clerics council has said that his country was selected for mediation because it has remained impartial.

“Suicide attack does not need verdict because it is forbidden in Islam. Unfortunately, some countries say that suicide attack is forbidden in their countries but it is permitted in other states,” Halimi said.

The Jakarta session will be held prior to another meeting on Afghanistan that is organized to be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



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