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Afghan school children study at an open classroom in the outskirts of Jalalabad on January 30, 2013. Afghanistan has had only rare moments of peace over the past 30 years, its education system being undermined by the Soviet invasion of 1979, a civil war in the 1990s and five years of Taliban rule. AFP PHOTO/ Noorullah ShirzadaNoorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images

Jogi ethnic minority gets access to education for first time

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Kabul: More than 100 children of (ethnic-minority) of Jogi in the northern Jawzjan province, went to school for the first time since their families migrated to Afghanistan from neighboring Tajikistan.

The children eventually reach their dreams of taking education. The children are currently studying at schools.  

“My name is Navida,” said a student. “They were not registering us at the schools. We are happy that we have a school now.”

The school was established by a private organization and department of education of Jawzjan.

According to provincial officials, the ethnic-minority of Jogi entered Afghanistan 120 years ago. Their numbers now reach over 60 families, and are living in Sheberghan, the capital city of the province.

Samira Malikyar, head of the private organization which established the school for Jogi children, said “the first school for the Jogi ethnic was built in Jawzjan.” The school includes three teachers and 150 students.

A representative of Jogi, Mohammad Omar said that the main obstacle for the children’s enrollment at the schools was lack of national identity cards. “Our main problem is that we don’t have a specific place and identity,” he added. “When we get settled in somewhere else, the children can’t get access to education.”

But provincial deputy governor, Abdulqadir Malia said that there was not any legal problem for Jogi minorities to precede identity cards (Tazkira). “They can refer to the provincial council,” he said. “The provincial council refers them to related departments.”

Provincial human rights director, Maghfirat Samimi called on the government to pay attention to the problems of the Jogi minorities. “These children can study now and will shine brilliantly in the future.”

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