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Kabul Bank attack: Three killed, 31 wounded in Paktia

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: At least three people were killed and 31 others wounded on Saturday when a group of armed men attacked the Kabul Bank branch in southern Paktia province, local officials said.

“Four armed insurgents attacked the Kabul Bank branch in Gardiz city at around 2:30pm,” said provincial spokesman, Abdullah Hasrat.

He added that one attacker blew himself up to open way for his comrades to storm the bank building.

Shortly after the attack, Afghan Special Forces reached and killed the three attackers in an hour-long gun battle.

“Unfortunately, two police officers and one civilian were killed in the incident and 31 more were injured,” Hasrat said.

Meanwhile, head of provincial health department, Shir Mohammad, said that the bodies of two police and one civilian as well as 31 wounded people mostly civilians were shifted to hospital.

Deputy provincial governor, Abdul Wali Sahi also confirmed killing of three people including two security forces and wounded of 31 others in the incident over Kabul bank branch in Paktia.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani condemns the attack on Kabul Bank in Gardez and termed it a cynical assault on Afghan people living their lives and doing business.

No armed group claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

It is pertained to mention that often Kabul branches attacked in different provinces particularly in Kandahar and Nangarhar. Taliban militant had attacked over Kabul bank branch in Nangarhar in 2011, it was the bloodiest incident in which over 100 killed and wounded mostly civilians.

Most of the governmental employees including police and army salary payment is through Kabul bank, where despite of different attack still government failed to boost up security of the Kabul bank and avoid such attack over the bank branches.


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