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Kabul cautiously reacts to Iran summon

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s response to summoning of its ambassador by Iranian officials in reaction to recent protests has been very cautious.

Earlier this week, Iranian authorities summoned Afghan ambassador to Tehran, Abdul Ghafor Liwal, to brief about protests in Afghanistan in reaction to an incident in which a police shooting caused a car fire, killing three Afghan refugees travelling in it.

This comes amid an outburst of anger and fury in the aftermath of killings of Afghan refugees by Iranian police.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Afghan ambassador had defended the right of the Afghan people to protest, ensuring Iranian officials that any irresponsible behavior would be investigated.

This comes as the Afghanistan National Security Council in a statement said that a high level delegation would be sent to Iran to discuss the issues related to the Afghan migrants, including the distribution of the electronic identy cards for the Afghan refugees.

A number of Afghan civil rights activists staged protests in front the Iran embassy and its consulate across inside and outside Afghanistan, where they criticized Tehran for its cruel conduct against the Afghan refugees in its soil.

A car, carrying the Afghan migrants crushed into the road pumps and ignited a fire that killed three Afghans and wounded a number of others. The Afghan embassy said that the car was shot by the Iran police.  

The tragedy went viral on social media.

Before that, over 50 Afghan migrants, who were trying to illegally entered into Iran, were tortured and then thrown into the river by the Iran border guards. The event has faced national and international reaction. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said he was horrified by the treatment of Iran border police against Afghans.

Despite all brutal treatment of Iran against the Afghan refugee, the wary and soft reaction by the Afghan government has disappointed the Afghan people.

Afghans in social media has condemned the feeble stand of the government against Iran.

A journalist, Waliullah Shaheen said, “The soft language of Afghanistan foreign ministry regarding its ambassador’s summons is disappointed.” “Iran has been cruel and oppressed on Afghans; it burns them in fire and drowns them in water.”

Some Afghans have launched a rightful campaign against Tehran throughout social media, where they called on the Iranian officials to pay respect and observe humanity values for the Afghan refugees.

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