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Kabul Residents Express Concerns Over Increased Price Of Gas

Residents of Kabul City have expressed concerns over increased gas prices, stating that gas, fuel and firewood prices are higher during the winter. Some economic analysts have claimed that the Mafia is responsible for the increase in gas costs.

Winter is a fruitful season for the businessmen who sell gas in Afghanistan. Many Kabul residents have complained repeatedly about the prices of gas, fuel and firewood when the cold weather sweeps in; however, the Government has failed to contain prices.

Kabul resident Sakhi said, “I earned 100 Afghani per day, if I buy 1 Kilo of gas with 70 Afghani, with the remaining I can’t afford other necessary things for my family.”

Meanwhile, a number of drivers stated that the current situation of higher fuel prices is a great concern.

Driver Karimullah said, “[The] Government should provide basic services for the residents, it also should ask the businessmen how much did they import the price of one kilo gas or fuel and how much do you sell it in the market.”

Some economic analysts have sated that the Mafia is involved in raising the prices of gas, fuel and firewood in Afghanistan during the winter season.

Economy expert Taj Mohammad Talash said, “Unfortunately the responsible departments which are working on fuel, gas issues are partners, [in the reason for increased prices], taking their own part, [creating] a big circle of corruption in the markets.”

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Spokesman Musafir Qoqandi said, “The Afghan businessmen have signed big contracts on importing of fuel and gas with foreign countries especially Uzbekistan, therefore we will not have any problems in hiking process of gas and fuel in the country.”

The prices of petrol, diesel and gas were set at a liter of Petrol for 46 Afghani and Diesel at 43 Afghani. However, but one kilo of gas was reported as being sold for as much as 70 Afghani.

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