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Karzai believes US, allies’ wrong policies created terrorism

AT-KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai blamed the United States and its Western allies for holding wrong policies, saying that such policies created terrorism.

In reaction to the US President Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, Karzai said that terrorists are not staying in the Muslims’ worship places, but they are in the well-equipped centers and training places.

The ex-president called Shiites and Sunnis as two brothers, adding that working for peace would result unity in the world.

In a speech at the Muslim Summit in Riyadh, Trump used the words of “Shiites and Sunnis” instead of the word Muslims. The speech has been interpreted by Muslims as an effort to create rift among two Islamic sects.

Trump had asked the Muslim leaders to expel terrorists from their countries.

“Terrorists are neither in the Muslim worship places, nor in our societies,” Karzai reacted. “They (terrorists) are the result of the United States and its allies’ policies and enjoy well-equipped training centers.”

Karzai, as the most critic of the US in the region, also reacted to Trump’s use of Shiites and Sunnis, saying Shiites and Sunnis are each other’s brothers and the international unity is brought by working for peace.

“Shiites and Sunnis are brothers just like the Catholics and Protestants in Christianity. There are other religions in the world as well. Working for peace will result unity in the world.”

Karzai talked on the peace need at a time while the United States signed a 110 billion dollar arm deal. Based on the deal, the US will sell modern and sophisticated arms and weapons to the Saudis.

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