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Karzai says access to education is the key to national welfare

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Kabul: On the occasion of world literacy day, the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, said that access to education is one of the most fundamental human rights that leads to prosperity and success of countries.

According to Karzai, Taliban should provide education for the country’s youth and to reopen secondary and high schools for girls across the country.

“One of the most fundamental human rights that lead countries to excellence and success is access to education. I hope that respected clerics, elders, and influential people in the country will encourage young people, both boys and girls, in their pursuit of education. In this regard, I request that the Islamic interim government open the doors of secondary and high schools to girls nationwide and provide education for the children of the nation so that by relying on their powerful arms, we can all attain greatness and prosperity,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, last week a number of the girls secondary schools were reopened in some parts of Paktia province says to be requested by elders of that area. The Taliban closed those schools and says that the only authority to decide on this matter is the ministry of education, this sparked protest from Afghans girls of that province.

They request that restrictions on education should be removed.

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