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Karzai supports Abdullah’s stance over reconciliation council formation

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai expressed support to the chairman of the high council for national reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah for the formation of the body based on consultations.

Karzai said Tuesday in a statement that he would support Abdullah’s position to consult political leaders, parliament speakers, tribal elders, religious scholars, civil society activists and elites of the society before appointing the members of the reconciliation body.

The statement said that inclusive consultations with all society classes would help to form a reliable and inclusive council, which every Afghan would accept the council’s decisions.

Karzai is a member of the mediation group who paved the way for a political deal between President Ghani and his rival in election Abdullah Abdullah that led them to form the reconciliation council.

Ghani announced the list of members of the reconciliation council over the weekend. The list includes 46 people, but Abdullah rejected it, arguing that under the political deal, only he would be authorized to appoint his colleagues in the body.
Karzai who was included the council, declined to be part of government structure.

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