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Karzai urges Kabul, Taliban to bring peace negotiations out of ‘foreigner projects’

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai called on the Afghan government and Taliban to bring the peace negotiations out of “foreigners’ project” and change it to a national process.

He also called on both sides to choose the venue of peace negotiations in one of the Afghan provinces. Former President made the remarks Monday in a ceremony entitled “Kabul Peace Symposium” held by the Nation Party, where a number of Afghan politicians including former National Security Adviser, Rangin Dadfar Spanta participated.

Karzai hoped the Taliban and government agree to hold negotiations in Bamiyan, almost the only safe province in the heart of the country. “We (should) change peace into a national process, and owe it,” Karzai said. “God willing, the Taliban movement and government say let’s go to Bamiyan. It has good hotels, nice weather and no need for air conditioners.”

According to him, the peace negotiations didn’t reach a conclusion because it was under foreign project’s influence and that “the peace quest” was used as project. Former President also expected the peace negotiations to not take long time in reaching a conclusion.

His remarks come as the Afghan negotiating team left Kabul on Monday for Doha to resume the stalled peace talks as the U.S. and NATO forces exiting Afghanistan.

Karzai has repeatedly announced his support to any peace talks that secure the interest of Afghanistan and its people. He has attended two senior-meetings hosted by Moscow on the Afghan peace where top Taliban and foreign officials were also present.

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