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Kunduz governor house shut after protesters run amok

AT-KABUL: Furious protests have erupted in northern Kunduz province in reaction to the kidnapping of a jeweler’s son, as protesters shut the governor’s house on Tuesday.

Unidentified gunmen kidnapped Wali Ahmad, son of a jeweler, four days ago in Kunduz city. Reports say that more than 10 people have been kidnapped in Kunduz city over the past half year, most of whom have been released after ransom.

Hundreds of furious protesters rallied across the city and closed the gate of the governor’s house. They warned the protests will continue until the abducted boy is found and released from captivity and abduction stopped in the city.

The protesters urged the government to beef up its effort to fight crime in Kunduz city and to prevent kidnapping incidents.

In the meantime, governor’s spokesmanNematullah Taimuri said that there were ongoing efforts to rescue the abducted boy from his captors. He added that a suspect had been arrested in connection with the kidnapping and is being investigated, he said.

Taimuri said, “We are negotiating with the protesters to stop their rage on Governor’s house and reopen its gate”.

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