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Land reform on cards: ‘Usurped public lands regain’

AT News Report-KABUL: Scores of state and private lands have been usurped by powerful individuals and government officials, but those lands will be reclaimed from land mafia. President Ashraf Ghani assured of retaking usurped lands from land-grabbers, and will legally distribute lands to all citizens.

“Public treasury belongs to the entire nation, and it cannot be consumed for personal interest,” President Ghani said this during inauguration ceremony of Institutional Development Program for Land Administration.

The ceremony was held in Presidential Palace—the effort leaves no doubt our land reform with sole hope to be implemented practically.

“Close to five million Afghans is living outside, they should return and lands should be distributed to them,” Ghani said, informing to establish a land bank in regard.

President Ghani assured commitment within his government to ensure safety of public properties. He said lands in Afghanistan have worth millions of dollars, if well managed.

According to the president, there are about one billion acres of usurped lands across the country.

In the last three years, over 400,000 acres of usurped lands reclaimed, said, Jawad Paikar, the head of Afghanistan Land Authority.

According to Paikar, the authority is seeking to ease land problems by implementing new methods and mechanism in issuing legal documents for land owners and establishing land bank in the country.

Beside, regaining lands, the land-grabber must also be dragged to court for its unlawful activity. Across the country, plenty acres of state and private lands have been occupied illegally by influence wings. To end this, even the security forces should shoot death the big land-grabbers who create hurdler or showed resistance.




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