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Lawmakers support biometric system as polls near

AT News Report-KABUL: Lawmakers on Saturday declared their support to government’s considering rolling out biometric system in the forthcoming parliamentary polls, a move which could help boost up transparency and overcome fears of vote stuffing and rigging.

After political parties’ protests in different provinces, government has decided to opt for biometric voting system for the coming parliamentary election. Afghan people are at the threshold of election less than one month left to the election, so the people see in doubt that weather the government will succeed to run biometric system in election or no?

Speaker of the Lower House Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, while announcing support from government preparation for using of biometric system in voting process, said that “it was the demand of people that the election run free, fair and nationwide.”

He said that running of biometric voting process was necessary, hope the Independent Election Commotion (IEC) follow the process seriously and Afghan people be witness for a transparent outcome.

Legislator Sadiqi Zada Nili, said that the biometric system must be online in order to avoid repetition of giving vote by one person.

He said that if the government goes for offline biometric voting system, then it is useless and people will have the chance to several time give vote for one candidate.

Pointing to the political parties protest in different provinces and their call for free, fair and nationwide election, Mr.Nili said that we welcome and support such movements.

While criticizing government for force reaction, he said that such movement must not silent through suicide attacks and armed forces.

Another lawmaker Habiba Sadat said that the using of biometric system was a must in parliamentary election in order to avoid fraud in the process.

Government announces using of biometric system in election, while recently the Afghanistan Grand National Coalition (AGNC) and unveil over one million fake Tazkera with stickers. The AGNC, while blaming government with orchestrated fraud in election, they used to protest in different provinces seeking broader reforms and using of biometric voting system in election.

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