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At least 11 killed, 25 injured in Kabul suicide bombing

By Sadiq Yusufi-KABUL: At least 11 people were killed and 25 others injured Thursday evening in Kabul city after a Daesh suicide bomber detonated his explosive laden vest against a group of policemen, officials said.

The blast took place at 8:47 pm Thursday evening in which the suicide bomber on foot, wearing a suicide vest, targeted a group of the policemen, who were deployed to protect a small protest of the shopkeepers in Banayee area in Police District-9th in east of Kabul city, Nasrat Rahimi, Interior Ministry spokesman explained to Afghanistan Times.

At least 11 death bodies and 25 injured including policemen and civilians were taken to Kabul hospitals from the site of the attack, Public Health Ministry confirmed to the daily.

The victims were receiving medical treatment the official said, who was not to give full details of on the conditions of the injured, as health officials were yet to first provide live-saving services to the victims.  

Among the killed were five policemen while 11 cops were also among the injured of the blast, Kabul Police spokesman, Basir Mujahid said.

Mujahid said the policemen were deployed to the area to protect a protest of the local shopkeepers, who early in the afternoon engaged in physical clashes with police, who were in the area to search shops for drugs and alcohols.

The attack was claimed by Daesh who claimed their bomber has killed up to 80 Afghan security forces.

The group has been suffering continuing casualties in operations of the Afghan and foreign forces in recent several months. According to Afghan and NATO officials the operations decreased the number of Daesh fighters from thousands to only hundreds in the country.

But the group in recent months turned out to be more active in changing its tactic from mountain and rural fighting to urban attacks.

The group in recent few weeks has conducted several deadly attacks in Kabul and eastern Nangarhar province. The recent attack was on a funeral in Nangarhar on the last day of 2017 in which 18 civilians were killed.

President Ashraf Ghani while condemning the attack in “strongest possible terms” vowed that the terrorists who are behind such attacks will not find a single safe haven in any part of the country and will get a more strong and deadly response from the country’s security and defense forces.

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