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Major power outage hits Afghanistan after militants destroyed pylons

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KABUL: Thousands of families across the country were deprived of electricity after the militants destroyed the power pylons in northern Baghlan province, official said Sunday.

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) in a statement said that power pylons were destroyed in Balak Mirzad Hassan Ta Vilalge of Baghlan.

According to the statement, the militants collapsed the pylons with improvised explosive devices.

“Technical team was sent to the cite and that the pylons are currently under reconstructions,” the statement said.

The power pylons have been repeatedly destroyed by the militants in Baghlan province, halting supplying power to many provinces, including Kabul.

Taliban militants have launched widespread attacks over Pol-e-Khomri City of Baghlan since two weeks.

In 2016, Taliban militants destroyed an electricity pylon in Dand-i-Shahabuddin area of Baghlan province and left Kabul in blackout for more than many days.

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