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Martyrs’ Week: Ahmad Shah Massoud’s death anniversary is being observed

The Massoud Foundation asks supporters to prevent bad apples opportunists from harming people

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Massoud Foundation (MF) announced on Monday the beginning of Martyrs’ Week and to observe the 14th death anniversary of the emblem of resistance against the Taliban and a national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud.

The foundation urged supporters of Shaheed Massoud to prevent some bad apples and opportunists from harming innocent citizens.

Massoud Foundation said the Martyrs’ Weeks would continue from Monday up to Thursday with poems, epics, cultural and literary exhibitions and laying bouquet of flowers on Massoud’s tomb in Panjshir province.

Massoud Foundation called on Massoud’s supporters and fans to celebrate the week with verve yet with respect to all as no hooting and vandalism is tolerable as some bad apples under the disguise of Masoud’s followers and fans create disturbance and harm civilian people that cause hatred and intolerance.

Ahmad Wali Massoud, the Chief of MF while talking to media-men said that this year the message of the Martyrs’ Week is “National Unity” as the national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud sacrificed his life in defense of the motherland and augmenting the national unity.

He remarked that MF in collaboration with a government commission was commemorating the Martyrs’ Week all over the country and even abroad to honor the martyrdom of the national heroes and special persons who struggled against the Soviet Union and Taliban insurgents.

Ahmad Shah Massoud said that last year during the Martyrs’ Week some bad apples forcibly installed the portraits of Ahmad Shah Massoud which was not a civilized way of expressing one’s love for their hero therefore this year people must not be harassed rather a message of national unity, integrity and love must be spread and disseminated.

Ahmad Wali, the younger brother of the late Massoud, said they have formed a special commission this year to maintain the smooth marking of the week so that there is no untoward incident and no one harasses people and do trespassing.

Ahmad Massoud the elder son of Massoud met with a number of tribal elders and youths and called on them keep care of the general public during the martyrdom anniversary.

Massoud Foundation made it public that they have a particular agenda for the week whereas they have shared the details with the government and any trouble created by some bad apples shouldn’t be construed the actions and plans of the Foundation as anybody who creates troubles for general public doesn’t represents the MS.

In May 2012, the National Assembly of Afghanistan has accepted September 9th as “a new national holiday to honor the national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud and those who sacrificed their lives in defense of their country.

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