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Millions in Afghanistan at risk of famine due to US mistakes


Kabul: “Zhao Lijian”, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China criticized the foreign policy of the United States in the weekly press conference of the ministry and listed the current disorder of Afghans as a result of the adoption of Washington’s policies.

Stating that it is completely clear to the world that America has caused the food crisis in the world, Washington itself admits that the Russian boycott has affected many countries in terms of food shortages, he said.

Referring to the seizure of Afghan assets by the US, Lijian added that, Washington has not yet returned the money that the Afghan people have earned with difficulty, and Afghans face the risk of famine because of this US behavior.

“Chen Shu”, China’s permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva, also recently asked the US to immediately and comprehensively cancel its unilateral coercive measures against Afghanistan.

This Chinese diplomat emphasized at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council that the United States should release the assets belonging to the Afghan people unconditionally and take specific measures to help the Afghan people to improve their living conditions and compensate for the damages caused by its actions.

Earlier this week a Chinese private company, in a meeting with administrative office of Taliban, says that they are ready to mine in Afghanistan with high quality and price.

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