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Mohaqqeq expects Loya Jirga would solve problems

AT-KABUL: Mohammad Mohaqqeq, deputy chief executive and a jihadi commander expects two options would save the country if the political situation is worsening.

“If the government does not accept reforms in its policies and acts, the people’s dissatisfaction will increase,” he said.

“In this regard, an interim administration would be formed and the traditional Loya Jirga would be called,” Mohaqqeq told the Radio Maiwand in an interview.

He also said that role of Abdul Rashid Dostum in controlling the situation in the northern parts of the country is vital. Mohaqqeq has newly formed an alliance with Balkh governor, Ata Mohammad Noor and the vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, a coalition named ‘Alliance for Salvation of Afghanistan’.

He expressed concerns over the worsening condition in the northern provinces, saying he was pessimistic for the continuation of the current government to manage the crisis.

Mohaqqeq added that the coalition would help the government for its two remaining years to improve the people’s lives, but warned people’s dissatisfaction would increase if the government did not bring reforms.

The situation in the northern provinces is unsafe as the Taliban and Daesh terrorists killed around 50 civilians after overrunning the Mirza Olang village in the Sayyad district of Sar-e-Pul province.

Mohaqqeq believes that Dostum’s presence in the north would help solving problems in the north.

He accused the government of being late to prevent the massacre in Mirza Olang, asking President Ashraf Ghani to fulfill his promise in revenging terrorists.

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