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Mohib thanks Trump for tougher approach on Pakistan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Afghan envoy to Washington Hamdullah Mohib on Monday thanked the US President Donald Trump for his tougher approach towards Pakistan, harboring terrorist outfits against its neighbors and USA.

“We welcome this decision, which is the result of intense deliberations and takes into account both countries’ needs and considerations. This is the first time a focus has been put on what Afghanistan must have to succeed, and we are grateful for this outcome,” Mohib said soon after Trump concluded his speech.

The Afghan Ambassador added Trump has been formulated a strategy that gave Afghanistan what it needed, specifically a shift away from talking about timetables and numbers to letting conditions on the ground determine military strategy.

It also expanded “authority to move swiftly against terrorist activities and criminal networks in place of micromanagement from Washington” and “a breaking of silence over Pakistan’s shelters for terrorists,” he said.

Like America, Afghanistan also desired an honorable and enduring outcome of the fight for all Afghan, US and NATO soldiers who had sacrificed to bring durable peace, Mohib remarked.

Moreover, President Ashraf Ghani has also delivered a full statement on the new Afghan strategy of the US on Tuesday. The former Pakistani ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani also welcomed the new policy.

“President Trump has acknowledged what Americans have known for some time. Pakistan’s regional goals as identified by its powerful military are at variance with America’s interests,” Haqqani said.

Trump had clearly decided he would not let Pakistan block peace and stability in Afghanistan, and endanger itself in the process, while retaining its status as a US ally, Haqqani said.

A large number of Afghan officials, politicians and civil society activists have strongly appreciated the US new strategy on Afghanistan that brings Pakistan into the court of justice.



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