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More than atrocity: Taliban chop off old woman’s limbs before murdering her

AT News Report-KABUL: The Taliban insurgents has gone too far this time, showing their uppermost face of atrocity after killing an elderly woman in brutal manner in southwestern Helmand province; officials confirmed, saying this happened three days ago.

Provincial official said that Taliban insurgents chopped of an 85-year old woman’s hands, and feet before to shoot her to death on the charge of spying to the government.

The Taliban insurgents dragged the elderly woman out of a passenger car in Amir-Agha bazaar area of Garamsir district of the province, taking her with them (Taliban). The area is under influence of the Taliban insurgents.

Provincial governor spokesman, Omar Zwak, said the dead body of the woman was found in a Taliban controlled area with her hands and feet cut off. The dead body was found on Thursday, after being missed for two to three days.

“After kidnapping the woman they (Taliban) have cut off the woman’s hands and feet and then shot her to death, and dumped her body in a nearby dessert of the district” Zwak said, adding the death body was buried by her relatives.

“Based on intelligence report, and also local villagers, the elderly woman was ‘brutally killed’ by the Taliban insurgents, accusing her of spaying,” he said, adding that the killed woman had no link with the government.

“She as an ordinary woman and was a wife of farmer,” he said, adding she was too weak that could walk properly. The government spokesman empathized that she (the killed woman) was a common Afghan, and had nothing to do with the government.

After receiving toothless casualties in the fight against Afghan security forces, the Taliban insurgent has increased targeting civilians to create environment of fear among ordinary Afghan masses, he added.

It is worth mentioning that Afghan security forces have sustained huge casualties to the Taliban insurgents in different aerial and ground operations, causing Taliban insurgents to retreat. The Taliban insurgent has lost control of several areas in the province during crackdowns.

Moreover, Zwak said 17-year old boy was also killed on the same charge of spaying by the Taliban insurgents, while he brushed aside the accusation as baseless.

“After kidnapping the killed boy three weeks back from his home in the same district, the Taliban insurgents killed him on charge of spaying to the government,” he said.

Helmand is one of the most insecure provinces of the country, where according to US watchdog, SIGAR, the Taliban control or influence nine out of the 14 districts of the province, even some parts of the Lashkargah, the capital city of the province.

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