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More US troops to Afghanistan: Will a new ‘surge’ work?

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: There was a surge in 2009, where the United States has send thousands of new troops to Afghanistan, and US officials said that this is going to be very much successfully, and finally they were pulled out in 2012, and the then Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, said “the surge did achieve its objectives” and now with few years later, we are doing another one, Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity said during conversation with Ron Paul.

But he pointed out toward current situation of Afghanistan since the great surge is supposed to win. “Some areas are under 100 percent Taliban control—some areas are 70 to 99 percent Taliban control—some other 40 to 69 percent Taliban control— and other areas the Taliban have minim presence,” he said.

However, he added that this was figured out by the Taliban, maybe some exaggeration is here, but “if we look at totality of the country after 16 years of war, it doesn’t look like we are doing well there.”

He furthered that in case if we win in Afghanistan, we lose, because the presence of Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Deash terrorist, as IS was not there before 2015. “The more we fight Taliban, the more space grows for the IS to infiltrate in the country.”

“So if we defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan it won’t be Switzerland it would be IS, and there is no way to win,” he said, adding that it is important to remember that IS and Taliban are the moral enemies, they hit each other because of different views of religion.

He further went on saying, “IS’ views is some sort of Caliphate extends on Islamic Law, and the Taliban always been in tribal and nationalistic form of Islam, and they each other because of that.”

At the same time Ron Paul regarding the resolve of big US Foreign Policy, said, “why we are at war, we are not at war, we don’t’ declare war, but we talk about the war, and the wars goes on for 15-16 years, we are war in Vietnam, war in Korea, but it is not a war, we don’t win the wars, we always loss these wars one way or the other.”

He furthered, “I think it’s some kind of attitude, that we have this so called moral obligation that convince America people that there is some financial interest to continue this policy, but I think the presidents whether it’s Obama, or it’s Trump, I think they are at the state knew yes we have to do this to protect the status-quo of the deep state.”

He furthered, “But we don’t want have to send 5000 troops in the wars, because our national security is not threaten.”

Toward ‘mothers of all bombs’ that dropped by US forces in Achin district in eastern Nangarhar province, he said, “the big bomb, ever dropped before, against IS, now we are trying to find out what is in there, we are not even allowed to in there. Who did you kill? We do know that the blow up a pinch of tunnels we build when we are on the side of Mujahideen. When real ever end. But the intimidation never stops.”

“We are expecting war any minute, few days ago we have sent there we are gone attacking, and there are some sort of intimidation factor,” Daniel McAdams said, referring current disputes between US and North Korea.

He added, “there is also way of sort of psychologically intimidating, even Americans that this gong happen anytime.”

Regarding Taliban, he said that “they feel that they are fighting for their homeland and they fight hard. One of the problem that the surge was supposed, the US forces supposed to really bolster the Afghan Army.”

“We put together, we finance, we put millions of dollars to build, but the fact is that when we come with these one hundred thousand troops, instead of them adding to the force, they actual backed off, they got lazy they don’t fight. But the Taliban are willing to fight because they are fighting for their live, whether we agree or not.”

Hinting toward the current stands of Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, he said, “Karzai said that US using Afghan soil as testing ground for new weapons, so it is hard to disagree.

Moreover, Ron Paul said that it is a zero chance to have a military victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria any these places, it is not just going to work, because we are gone run out of money, we are gone run out of support, and these gone be too many people pal up on us. Financially we can be weak.

Moreover, Daniel McAdams said, “Trump has given free rant to the general’s to fight this war as they wish, he has not given them any guidance, because he doesn’t has guidance, he doesn’t has the sense of what the end goal is, so it is a lose-lose scenario for the USA.”

At the end of the conversation, Ron Paul, said, “We need people to think more clearly about what foreign policy would be like, and should be like, if we fall not in invasion, mind your own business, deal with our problem, but not get involve into internal affairs of other nations or border disputes, or religious wars that have gone for years. It is full hardy, no matter what they claim, that there is been a financial advantages to us, because if we can’t get the pipeline through Afghanistan, we are get through some other country, and do all these things, and we gone squeeze the Russia out, is such a foolish policy, it is time come an end.

He furthered, “I think we are getting close to that, because more and more people agree with us. They are not hearing this message elsewhere, but they do agree that this is a bad time. We change the foreign policy, and echoes for republican leadership’s and democratic leadership’s that they goes along with the fact that the America people sicken tired of wars spending in deficit we are run out.”





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