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MoRR complains of lack of budget as 90,000 families displaced

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation (MoRR) on Tuesday complained of scarcity of specific budget for reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), while 90,000 families displaced due to conflicts across the country this year.

“90,000 families were displaced in 13 provinces due to conflicts in the past nine months,” said Fazl Ahmad Azimi, deputy minister.

Addressing a conference titled ‘Shared responsibility on the sustainable reintegration of Afghansitan’s returnees and internally displaced’, he said that around one million IDPs living in different parts of the country.

Around 33 percent of these people have returned their villages after security improvement, he asserted.

Azimi said that besides IDPs, 930,000 people returned from Pakistan and Iran this year.

“There is no specific budget for IDPs in the ministry, but through development projects the ministry struggle to cover IDPs and run infrastructure projects,” he stated.

He termed scarcity of specific budget for IDPs a challenge, adding that “reintegration of IDPs policy approved two years ago, but insecurity and absence of budget marred implementation of the policy.”

Pointing to running of abovementioned conference, he said that this conference run to discuss IDPs challenge with all national and international related organs and seek way for reintegration and better assistance of IDPs throughout the country.

Deputy Minister of State Minister for Disaster Management Mohammad QasimHaidari said that a suitable way must be sought for reintegration of returnees and IDPs.

He said that out of 90,000 displaced families, 57 percent are children, who need serious helps.

There are many policies, but never implemented, thus it is required of participants of the conference to discuss over a policy to be implemented, he insisted.

Senior Protection Officer of UNHR for IDPs Elisabetta Brumat said that the reintegration policy must be revised and standardized as international criteria.

She said that the successful programs should be boosted up for further achievement in the aspect.

As donors pledge to help Afghanistan, thus it is required of government to cover IDPs through development projects across the country, she underlined.

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