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Moscow urges coalition govt to end Afghan crisis

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KABUL: The Russian Federations’ special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov urged formation of a coalition government with the inclusion of the Taliban officials in a bid to put an end to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

Sputnik quoted Kabulov as saying that the only path to end the current crisis of Afghanistan is to create a collation that would include political leaders including the Taliban but the Afghan parties should negotiate it.

The international community would provide proper assistance but the final decision on formation of the future system lies on the Afghans.

He accused the administration of President Ashraf Ghani of delaying the intra-Afghan negotiations, saying that Ghani’s administration relied on the exchange of power in the White House and a possible alteration in the withdrawal process and that “this” paved the ground for the Taliban to step back from negotiations and ramp up military pressure.

Kabulov suggested that a great opportunity for peace was wasted by the Afghan officials. Regarding the Taliban, he said that the group has understood that military win would not give them an international reputation and credibility, expressing his opposition to the Taliban’s forcibly return on power.

This comes as the U.S. has departed from one of its biggest military base, Bagram, located in the northern province of Parwan. The U.S. President Joe Biden has announced September 11 as a deadline for the American Forces pullout from Afghanistan.

Kabulov called it too soon for Moscow to pin trust on the Taliban group. The insurgents have recently made rapid territorial gains across the country.  

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