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MPs blame foreign hands for insecurity hike

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) on Saturday alleged that foreigners were helping insurgents in the country.

A heated debate took place in today’s session over insecurity, ambiguous foreign policy and interference of foreign countries.

Abdul Rahman Rahmani said the United States policy towards Afghanistan is not clear, because law and order situation is getting worse despite the presence of the US forces.

He said the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with Washington was signed with the hope to have peaceful and stable country, but the BSA has proved “poisoned honey” for Afghans.

The lawmaker further said that security situation is deteriorating rapidly, but foreign troops in the country have no intention to help Afghan security forces in the battlefields.

“Foreigners are out to destabilize Afghanistan while fueling insecurity. Several plots were hatched. Many of the conspirators are claiming to be friends of Afghans. They have signed security agreements as well,” he said.

Rahmani did not mention any specific name, but said that according to information that he received, foreigners were supporting militants against the Afghan security forces.

Giving insubstantial information, he added that foreign choppers were seen supplying essentials to the insurgents after 1:00 am. “Afghan National Army troops said that they have been ordered to restrain from using heavy weapons against the enemies. Afghan troops can see the enemy posts,” he said.

The legislator said that security officials had already told the MPs about the involvement of foreign hands.

Raihana Azad criticized the government for incoherent foreign policy. She said the government should formulate a comprehensive foreign policy to placate the situation.

Claiming that the situation could get critical, she said if the Wolesi Jirga failed to take measures the system would collapse to the enemies. However, she did not define the enemies.

The US officials in the recent past assured that they would help Afghans to maintain security. The same was said by Pakistani authorities. During his recent visit to Kabul, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised that his government is ready to help Kabul in the peace process.

Sharif also said that enemies of Afghanistan are Pakistan’s enemies. He also said that foes of Afghanistan would face serious reaction from Pakistan. However, majority of Afghan lawmakers are unconvinced and called the Pakistani premier a ‘liar’.

Ghulam Husain Naseri said that Pakistan could not be a friend of Afghanistan. He said the government should work on the foreign policy guidelines and send it to the parliament for approval.

Nasima Niazi, another member of the WJ, said the officials were hiding facts as insecurity has increased in Helmand, but the authorities were projecting a different picture to save their jobs.

She said that security forces have lost 55 police posts to the insurgents. “Taliban are not far from the provincial capital. But the security officials are not telling the truth,” she alleged.

Lawmakers termed absence of defense minister another factor responsible for growing insecurity. They asked the president to introduce the minister-designate for defense “as soon as possible”.

Salih Muhammad Salih, member of the Internal Security Committee (ISC) of WJ, asked the MPs to draft a security mechanism if the government could not do so.

Sema Joyenda, an MP, said that the public had defeated the insurgents through uprisings in Ghor. “Therefore, the public uprisings must be supported by the government,” she suggested.

Syed Ali Kazemi, an MP from Kabul, said that support for public uprisings against insurgents is imperative to deal with insecurity.

Speaker of the WJ, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, asked the government to introduce the nominee for the ministry of defense.

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