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Nabil claims republic system affected by termites

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KABUL: Former Spy Chief Rahmatullah Nabil in reaction to President Ghani’s recent statements about the governing system and protection of republic, claimed that the president caused deterioration of the republic system.

Ghani had earlier said that those who don’t support republic system won’t be included his government.

“The republic system is affected by termites and it is clear who brought the system and republic to this situation,” Nabil said Monday.

President Ghani had assured Afghans in his weekend speech that his government has been ready to protect the system and the country after the US drawdown even for two years. He had called the foreign withdrawal as an opportunity for the people of Afghanistan to support his government.

“We are fully ready to defend our soil and this is the time to make Afghanistan sovereign and impartial,” Ghani had said. “There is the republic in one row and the other row is made by the enemy. Those who do not stand on the republic row, will not have place in the government.”

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