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NDS forces rescued abducted girl, arrested eight kidnappers

By Parwiz Arian

KABUL: Special forces of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) have rescued a three year old girl from a kidnapping gang and arrested eight members of this group in Kabul city, officials said Thursday.

This coordinated operation was carried out in Police District 16 of Kabul city on Wednesday by the NDS forces based on exact information of the agency.

“During the operation the NDS forces rescued three year old Mariam from the kidnappers and arrested eight of the abductors” the NDS press office said in a statement.

This abducting gang was working under the command of Humayoon and had seven other members including Usman, Habib-ul-Rahman, Arif, Rahmat, Zalgai, Faraidoon and Sadam.

This gang after abducting the child asked her family to pay a ransom of $40,000 to release their daughter.

Marian has already been handed over to her family by her rescuers.

Along with the other crimes, kidnapping for ransom becomes one of the favorite ways for criminals to extort money from  families.

Although security forces are arresting tens of such criminal gangs each year, but there are concerns and complaints among citizens that sometimes, judicial organs back release such criminals as corruption exists in a number of judicial organs.

Several children have been killed over the past few years by kidnappers after their families failed to pay them ransom in Kabul and other provinces of the country.

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