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New plan on card to tackle Kabul air pollution

Burning coal, tires; dusty roads, old vehicles, substandard buildings are main factors behind air pollution

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KABUL: National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) in joint venture with the relevant organs has made a five years plan to tackle air pollution in Kabul that causing huge problem for the residents.

Considering the last winter’s air pollution, the plan has been chalked out by the NEPA which will be implemented in coordination with 13 different ministries and organs.

According to the plan the urban sector, must manage trashes, canalization system, boost up greenery and irrigation system, manage sub-plan areas, make infrastructures, develop public transportation system, manage traffic system.

The transport sector must establish parking for big trucks, create tax stickers of environment for vehicle, the norm and standard has the obligatory to implement environmental laws and regulations, develop managing of air quality strategy and create standard of fuel for vehicles.

Similarly, NEPA has to hire professional personnel, codify eternal task regulations, and address needed issues regarding the implementation of the plan.

Based on the plan the fuel and gas sector has tasked to manage fuel and gas pump stations, health sector has to collect information data, manage medical trashes, energy sector has the responsibility to provide durable energy, education sector must increase professional capacities in the aspect of environment and create a mechanism to boost public up awareness.

Also Mine and Petroleum sector has the duty to manage factories in the urban areas, commerce sector has to manage industrial trashes and decrease using of plastic bags as well as agriculture sector is required to establish and rehabilitate urban parks, accelerate green built project, distribute saplings and assign a place for slaughtering.     

Deputy of NEPAm Ezatullah Sediqi said that last winter the air pollution was high, and they made a five years plan in coordination with related sectors to decrease pollution.

Speaking at a joint press conference here in Kabul on Sunday, he said that this plan was approved by cabinet and dispatch to all related ministries and organs to be followed seriously in order to decrease air pollution.

He called dusty roads, old vehicle, burning coal, tires by apartments and houses as one of the main factors behind air pollution. However, he said they need time to resolve air pollution issues.

“We will work over using of coal, but most of the people in Kabul are poor and it will take time.”

However, he said to force toll apartments to stop using of coal or other plastic materials to warm their house or at least use filters.

With implementation of such plane, Kabul residents would feel the change within two next years, he added.

Kabul Governor, Yaqob Haidari said that lack of coordination among related organs was one of the main issue that Kabul has been scrambling with different challenges.

He said that Kabul is one of the most populated city, as currently around seven million people are living in Kabul, which itself is a big issue.

Deputy of Ministry of Urban and Development, Roshan Wolosmal said his ministry is renewing its commitment each year to avoid construction of substandard buildings which cause air pollution.

He also said that they will not allow business that negatively affect the environment.

Similarly, representative of Ministries of Interior and Public Health called the new five years plan as a good step and assured cooperation in the aspect in order to decrease air pollution in Kabul city.

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