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No ministries, no job opportunities and woes of the nation

Fourteen years, Afghanistan started off a journey that many believed would soon stop and the country will see the Taliban back in power within no time. But it didn’t happen. Afghanistan made a tremendous journey from being a completely failed state to a country with signs of change and potentials to be a developed one. However, with absence of ministries and parliamentary recess (official vacations of MPs), the country is faced with an odd situation. The new government succeeded to pass just eight of the nominees for ministers while still a large number of ministries are being run by deputies—who have preferred to status quo. The journey of the past 14 years was a mix of successes and failures. On security front there are still too many problems, however making its way through colossal challenges, the country is on the cusp of change. What it lacks currently is absence of ministers to devise new mechanism, and how the new government will have new ministers when most of the parliamentarians approve nominees on kickbacks. International troops are withdrawing, national economy is shrinking, while we have a national unity government with two heads. Leaving aside external challenges the government is faced with a danger from its own—the two headed set up. Until now the two leaders have shown patience, which is why the country has been protected from sliding into chaos, but given that one of the two becomes intolerant and lose political sense, the country will come across doomsday. The new leadership is trying to coax international investment amid a wave of unemployment across the country. People are getting education but the government finds itself in difficult situation to create job banks for them. Afghanistan is a country where 70 percent of its citizens live in villages and rural areas. Well-off families are flocking to cities while leaving behind challenges at villages. Countryside is where one finds signs of deprivation and lack of developments. In a country like ours, small scale industries must be encouraged as they could accommodate those what is turning into a jobless glut. As the skillful use of human capital lies in small scale industries then why it shouldn’t be utilized. In our country, youth constitute over 70 percent of population. They are all keen on taking the country out of the crises, but all are not change agents and working for it. It’s because many of the youth don’t get their desired jobs and become frustrated with the system. Many of them lack stamina to weather out challenges and resultantly they give in efforts and become a burden on their family members and the society. Some of them take illegal migration while a few joins anti-state elements. To address the spell of current challenges, the government needs an alternative paradigm of development—a program which has already been successfully used by China. This neighboring country made enviable development despite having world’s largest population. It was something miraculous because huge population has too many troubles but China not only successfully tackled the issue but productively made it useful for industrial production. We don’t have the challenges which China had, but despite that our young people are becoming jobless, economically insecure. Can anybody from the government tell the nation what their new plan is to tackle this issue? Or they have left the nation to the care of God?

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