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No transparency in IEC, calls for massive changes: NNFA

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The New National Front of Afghanistan (NNFA) on Sunday allegedly claimed that Independent Election Commission Affairs are not managing transparently, massive changes required in the body.

“The IEC affairs are not controlling transparently, thus the NNFA seek changes in the body,” said Head of the NNFA, Anwr-ul-Haq Ahadi.

Speaking at a press conference here he said that often NNFA criticized electoral bodies and there assigning of the commissioners in the bodies.

He stated that the impartially selecting of commissioners are not acceptable for oppositions, they should be selected through a transparent process.

Assigning of high ranking officials in the commission must be acceptable for all sides including government and oppositions, he added.

Pointing to the dismissal of head of secretary of IEC, he said that this is an opportunity to the government assigned a new person to be acceptable for opposition as well as for the government.

NNFA calls on president to not assign a person, who is acceptable for you (president), the high official of the commission must be assigned through consulting with all political particularly oppositions, he insisted.

We don’t want another linked figure assignation in the position of secretary head for IEC, he mentioned.

He said that biometric registration of voters, identifying of them through biometric system on the polling day will help transparency in election, thus postponement of process for electronic voting is not acceptable NNFA.

He highlighted that although the required information regarding electronic voting process was submitted to the government several months ago, but the government and commission did not show readiness to discuss the issue with political figures and oppositions.

He emphasized that the NNFA seeks finalization of the decision over electronic voting process as soon as possible.

The NNFA also slammed delay in issuance of electronic ID national cards and urged the government to take steps in the aspect soon.

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