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NSC appoints ex-Taliban member as spokesman

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KABUL: Maullavi Rahmatullah Andar, a religious cleric and former member of the Taliban group was appointed as the spokesman for the National Security Council of Afghanistan (NSC).

His appointment is considered as the first Maullavi working as the spokesman for a security department of government.

The council said in a statement that after the drastic oppression of the Taliban in Andar district of central Ghazni province, Maullavi Andar made a people besiegement and stood against the group.

He is said to be one of the first people forming the public uprising forces and fighting the Taliban in Ghazni.

According to the statement Mauvllavi Andar properly understood the moves, activities and behavior of the Taliban and that his appointment at the NSC meant that the Republic system includes all aspects and figures of the society.

In addition to religious knowledge, the NSC said that Mauvllavie Andar was familiar with modern education too.

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