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Opposition launches new wave of anti-govt. protests

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KABUL: The Peace and Moderation Presidential Election Team has a plan of huge public gathering against the National Unity Government (NUG) today (Tuesday), as it accused President Ashraf Ghani for overstaying in power despitehislegal term has ended.

The Peace and Moderation Election Team led by HaneefAtmarin a statement Monday warned ofholding a grand protest against NUG as its legal term has ended on May 22 but yet to leave the power.

“The Peace and Moderation besides other electoral tickets of the Presidential Candidates’ Council as part of the protest against the illegal continuation work of the NUG, is planning to organize a huge gathering in capital city, Kabul with participation ofAfghan masses, political parties and movements, tribal and religious elders, women, youth and other social classes of Afghan societies,” the team’s statement reads.

The team emphasized that “we kindly request the people of Afghanistan to express their protest against the government through their extensive and unprecedented presence in the rally.”

The protest rally is scheduled for today (Tuesday) at Ghazi Stadium in Kabul.

This comes as many presidential candidates, political parties, national figures, and civil society organizations had earlier slammed the continuation of NUG as unlawful.

John Bass, the US Ambassador to Kabul, has also considered the continuation of NUG against the provisions of the Constitution. He has termed the recent appointments within the government questionable and called for restrictions on the authority of the president.

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