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Over 1K civilians killed in six months of 2020

At least 1,744 others, including women and children were injured during this period

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KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said that over 1,213 civilians (126 women-225 children) were killed and 1,744 others (171 women-405 children) maimed during the first six months of 2020.

The statics showed at least 11 percent decrease in the civilian casualties comparing to 2019, the commission said in a statement on Tuesday. Southwestern, Central, East, North West and South zones are consecutively placed on table from top to lower number of casualties. 

The Taliban were responsible for 48.5 percent of the casualties, followed by the Afghan security forces with 15.5 percent, the statement reads. Based on the statements the international forces were responsible for 6.3 percent casualties,  IS-K or so called Daesh were behind 2.3 percent and the perpetrator of the 26.7 percent casualties have not been recognized.

31 percent casualties inflicted by target killings, 26 percent by the roadside bombs, 12.7 percent rocket shelling, 11.7 percent suicide bombing and 11.5 in direct clashes and over five percent casualties inflicted by the air strikes conducted by the Afghan security and Coalition forces.

According to the statement, the Taliban has reduced 24 percent of their attacks on civilians compare to the last year.   This comes as the government has accused the Taliban of not staying committed to the agreement signed with the US on February 29th in Doha. The US-Taliban peace deal was expected to significantly reduce violence. But the group appears reluctant to cease any reduction in violence as it has been continuing attacks against the Afghan security forces.  

The commission said that peace was the main wish of Afghan people but its ensuring should be based on human and civil rights norms. The statement called on the government, Taliban, international communities and the US to include the victims of war in peace talks to pave the ground for a justifiable peace in Afghanistan.

It also urged the Afghan conflict parties to avoid inflicting casualties on civilians.

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