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Over 2,000 cases of violence against women investigated so far

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KABUL: The Supreme Court says it has investigated more than 2,000 cases of violence against women during the outgoing Afghan year.

“During the outgoing year, we have investigated 2,117 cases of violence against women. I think it was the highest number of investigation of such cases,” said Supreme Court Spokesman, Amanullah Iman.

He said on Wednesday that the provinces of Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Kunduz and Kandahar had the most cases investigations, adding that 7,246 cases of violence against women were investigated in the past four years across the country.

Iman listed rape, beating, murder, sexual harassment, suicide, abduction and forced-marriages as cases investigated.

He said that investigating of cases of violence against women increased compared to the past years, calling women’s increasing awareness about their rights and more activities of judicial bodies as the main reasons.

Iman added that perpetrators of violence against women were sentenced to death, prison in life and other punishments.

According to the Supreme Court, special tribunals for women are active in 22 of 34 provinces, which are expected to jump to 28 ones.

Civil Society activists reject the remarks as propaganda, saying that violence against women still exist in a high level.

“Women are facing with increasing problems in the remote provinces and districts and are not enjoying their primary rights. There are hundreds of cases uninvestigated, those women who are in shelters or in prisons are unaware of their fate,” said Khatera Ishaqzai, an activist of the Social Society.

Violence against women is a serious social problem, with insecurity, old traditions, poverty and lack of access to information as the main reasons.

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