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 Overcoming Afghan conundrum: Inte’l community role crucial, says Mutasim

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim, a former key Taliban leader (now considered to be a moderate Taliban leader) has urged the international community to adopt substantial measures to resolve the Afghanistan’s imbroglio.

The ex-Taliban Finance Minster in his message on 15 February—a day that marks pullout of former Soviet troops’ from Afghanistan, said that since conflict in Afghanistan was of international nature that’s why it needs to be settled by sincere support of global community. He adds that the withdrawal of Soviet troops had been a great success of Mujahidin. “Indeed, it is a day of independence,” he claimed.

“The celebration comes at a time when the withdrawal of US and other international troop are underway from the country,” he said.

Calling on Afghan political elites he said they should learn from the past experiences and work hard for the progress and development of the country. Unlike other Taliban leaders, he stands out with such a moderate remark: “Of course they shouldn’t allow the political process to be derailed,” said a Kabul-based journalist, Qais Daudzai.

Daudzai opined that should other Taliban leaders follow Mutasim’s views and the next day there will be peace deal between the government of Afghanistan and the rebels.

Mutasim, has been in news for his moderate views, which for he had to pay the price as he was dismissed in 2010. He had represented the Taliban in peace negotiations with the Afghan government. Once he had also alleged that some elements wanted to assassinate him. He said it when some reports were doing rounds in media that he had been under house arrest in UAE, but he responded that he was in protection because of possible attacks by his enemies. Currently he lives in Turkey.

In his Sunday’s message Mutasim said that wars bring deaths and destruction and serve the interests of anti-state elements therefore the leadership of the country should pursue political solution through dialogues.

“All warring parties involved in the conflict should renounce fighting and put aside their difference, and make efforts to rebuild the country,” he said. He said the pullout of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan provides an opportunity for the country to restore peace.

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