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Pakistan constructs gate at Torkham; Kabul reacts

AT-KABUL: Pakistan has constructed the much opposed gate at the Torkham crossing point. The gate has been constructed illegally as Afghan authorities pointed out.

The gate named ‘Bab-e-Pakistan’ will officially be inaugurated on August 8. The gate has two doors which would be used for exit and entry. Pakistani security forces have also established checkpoints at both ends of the gate to restrict movement of Afghans stranded on both sides of the Durand Line. Afghan analysts believe that Pakistan wants to build pressure over the Afghan government by constructing the gate to recognize the line as a border. The analysts and lawmakers have repeatedly urged Afghan leaders to prevent Pakistan from construction of the gate.

Officials of the two countries met several times this year over the issue. However, Afghan authorities failed to stop the installation.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the construction of the gate by the Pakistani government, calling it an “illegal action of Islamabad against all principles of the neighborhood”.

The ministry said in a statement that the “measure” was against all diplomatic norms.

The statement said that Afghan government despite previous agreements terms Islamabad’s measure unsuitable and contrary to the obligations of the parties.

It stressed that Afghan government would evaluate different options for prevention of such illegal acts of Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistan has established a gate in Torkham the territory of Afghanistan. The measure resulted to worries and irritation of Afghans people.

Before Afghan border police had seriously reacted with Pakistani army over construction of a gate in Torkham where, resulted killing of several Pakistani soldiers including a commander.

Some political analyst believe that establishment of gate by Islamabad would lead to motivation of Pashtun tribes in northern parts of Pakistan and will take this country toward internal tension.

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