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Pakistan diplomat: World should not ignore Pakistan’s terrorist activities

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KABUL: Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani calls on the international community to make Pakistan stop supporting Taliban and other terrorist groups.

Haqqani who was Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States and Sri Lanka, appeared for an interview with the CNN on Sunday where he asked the international community that why did they ignore the fact that Pakistan was behind the Afghan war for several years?

He clarified that Islamabad has been supporting all terrorist activities in the region.

According to Haqqani, Pakistan is still backing Taliban and has established tens of terrorist groups with the aim of weakening India.

The veteran Pakistani diplomat said that terrorism is a clear part of Pakistan’s foreign policy while its powerful army fully focuses on establishing and training terrorist groups.

He criticized the United States for not doing well to make Pakistan stop supporting terrorist activities, warning that if the situation goes on as it is now, Afghanistan would soon turn to field for bloody conflicts.

Haqqani said that Taliban keep close ties with al-Qaeda terrorist network and the United States is aware about that. He called on the US to take practical measures to end this situation.

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