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Afghans protest against Pakistan in Germany

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KABUL: Tens of Germany based Afghans staged a demonstration in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt city of Germany to protest Pakistan’s “vicious” policy towards Afghanistan.

According to reports, the protestors were chanting anti-Pakistani slogans.

They accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism in the region and Afghanistan, calling on Islamabad to end its proxy war in Afghanistan.

They also called on the international community to impose sanctions on Pakistan, and pressurize the country to stop supporting terrorism and put an end to its destructive activities.

Earlier, Afghans Based in other European countries protested against Pakistan for supporting terrorism and condemned its proxy war.

Undeniably, Pakistan has always supported anti-Afghanistan elements, overtly, Islamabad talks about peace and condemns terrorism and the ongoing war in Afghanistan, covertly, it has extended support to Taliban and other terrorists groups who leave no stone unturned to destroy Afghanistan.

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