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‘Pakistan pushing militants into Afghanistan’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Governor for eastern province of Kunar province has claimed Pakistan’s military offensive, Khyber-4 is an attempt of pushing militants into the territory of Afghanistan, rather than eliminating them.

Whaheedullah Kalimzai, the governor of Kunar province, located near the Durand Line, pointed out that the incoming militants would plan and conduct attacks in the eastern province.

“The militants, most of them are influenced by (Pakistani military), are sent across the Durand Line. It (Pakistani military) wants to show that it cleared its areas from terrorists,” he said.

While launching the military operation involving thousands of troops, supported by SSG Commandos and air force, Pakistani military had announced that it the fresh move was meant to eradicate militant hideouts in the Rajgal valley of Khyber Agency.

According to Pak Army, pro-IS groups, Jamaatul Ahrar, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, as well as the Pakistani Taliban have safe hideouts in the said area where from they operate and conduct terrorist and destructive activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kabul has repeatedly displayed solid evidences that Pakistan is backing and harboring terrorist outfits and sends them into Afghanistan for terrorist activities against Afghan security forces, government compounds and personnel and international allies, engaged in war on terror. But Pakistan denies the charge and continues its traditional policy based on duplicity, strategic depth in Afghanistan and undermining US-led NATO mission and war on terror.

Kunar is one among the volatile provinces which suffers a lot from the terrorist activities of Taliban, militants of the so-called Islamic State, also known as Daesh terrorist groups and Pakistani shelling.

On the other hand the brave Afghan security forces are regularly conducting ground and air operations in a bid to root out all type of militancy and terrorism across the province.

Mohammad Radmanish, the deputy defense minister also pledged that Afghan forces would use all means to eliminate the terrorists.

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