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Parliament criticizes ‘arbitrary operations’ launched by government forces

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KABUL: The parliamentarians criticize what they call “arbitrary operations” launched by government forces in different provinces, saying the operations were going on despite a presidential order for stop.

They said in the Saturday session of parliament that the operations only kill and injure civilians.

The Special Forces unit is mostly pointed by the lawmakers as the law violator. The MPs said that the Special Forces are cruel, saying that the troops even ignore President Ghani’s order for stopping of the operations.

The members of parliament also blamed “illegal treatment” to inmates in the Bagram detention center. They said that some inmates had completed serving terms, but are still held for unknown reasons.

The lawmakers said that Special Forces kill, injure and take civilians without any charges in different provinces.

The legislatives blamed government for not releasing prisoners after their serving terms finish.

They called on all parties to work on strengthening of peace, asking Taliban to accept the ceasefire offer and hold talks with the government and other Afghan leaders.

They claimed that unknown groups oppose peace efforts because they consider peace not in their personal interests.

The lawmaker also asked the independent election commission to announce the results of the September 28th presidential election as soon as possible and put an end to uncertainty in public affairs.

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