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Parliament to probe land clashes between nomads and villagers in Wardak

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KABUL: The parliament says it had assigned a team to assess the armed clashes between residents of Wardak province and the nomads over pastures.

The decision came after some Pashtoon lawmakers, accused their colleague Ghulam Hossain Naseri of taking arm against the nomads.

But other legislators on Monday supported Naseri’s decision, saying those who defend their homes and villages against nomad invaders, need to take weapons.

The land and pasture problem between the local residents and nomads goes back to about 100 years. The nomads storm villages in the Behsood district and force people to leave their pastures for them.

“A heavy clash is going on between the defense forces and armed nomads backed by Taliban in the Dasht-e-Gola,” Naseri wrote on his Facebook page, claiming that the nomads and Taliban suffered heavy casualties.

Dasht-e-Gola lies between the Behsood district and Nawor district in Ghazni province.

After writing the report, Naseri came under heavy criticism from Pashtoon MPs.

“Naseri is in Wardak province for three months to fight against the nomads under the name of terrorists,” said lawmaker Farzana Kochi who is attributed to the nomads.

She said that a lawmaker was not allowed to take arms and kill people, adding that nomads should not be killed by the name of terrorists.

She called for Naseri’s return and, saying he should be questioned.

Nasima Neyazi, another MP also criticized Naseri for taking arms against the nomads.

Khan Mohammad Wardak, an MP from Kabul called for immediate stop of clashes.

But Mahdi Rasekh, another lawmaker defended Naseri. “Please do not accuse Naseri. If there is a government, it should ask Naseri why did he take the weapons? The clash in Wardak is not an ethnic problem. People take arms to defend their homes. Only last week, four people from Hazara ethnicity were killed. Can you tell me if anybody from the nomads was killed?” Rasekh addressed the parliament.

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