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Pashtun Long March is a wake-up call against fundamentalism, terrorism: President Ghani

AT News Report-KABUL: The Afghan government and the people strongly announced their political and moral support to the ongoing Pashtun Long March in Islamabad and endorsing their demands of eradicating the state sponsored terrorism.

President Ashraf Ghani in a Twitter message has extended his support to “Pashtun Long March” that is happening in Islamabad for the last nine days against the staged police encounter of Naqeeb Mahsood, slow motion Afghan genocide, human rights violations and landmines in FATA—planted by Pakistan’s security forces—taking lives of children, state sponsored terrorism, Pakistan’s duplicity in war on terror and enforced disappearance. Protesters at Pashtun Long March have been chanting slogans against Pakistan imposed terrorism and militarism and claims that Pakistan’s military establishments is thoroughly behind the ongoing state sponsored terrorism on both sides of the so-called Durand Line, urging the international community to take serious notice of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism and human rights violations against the suppressed nations in Pakistan to force it to turn around its project of terrorism.

“I fully support the historical PashtunLongMarch in Pakistan. The main purpose of which is to mobilize citizens against fundamentalism and terrorism in the region,” Ashraf Ghani Twitted.

President Ghani’s support to “Pashtun Long March” has been widely welcomed by the Afghan masses and Pashtuns on the other side of Durand Line.

Praising the protesters of Pashtun Long March for standing up for their rights, President Ghani in a tweet said, “The PashtunLongMarch is a very positive initiation against fundamentalism that morally binds on each and every one of us to support them.”

“The historical importance of this march traces back to the great proponent of non-violence, Bacha Khan, whose philosophy was based on the non-violence ideology,” President Ghani highlighted the importance of Bacha Khan’s non-violence philosophy and firm stand for rights in his tweet.

Moreover, Ghani has revealed similarities between the successful lawyers long March and Pashtun Long March and prayed that it would result in eliminating the ongoing terrorism from the region.

“Just like the Lawyer’s community in Pakistan succeeded in their movement, I hope PashtunLongMarch would also succeed in uprooting and eradicating terrorism from their region.

In addition to that, President Ghani called on the media outlets to impartially report the Pashtun Long March and highlight the true image to the international community.

“I call on media to impartially fulfill their duties and help PashtunLongMarch in voicing their grievances and demands and presenting their true image to the world,” Ghani tweeted.

President Ghani also reminded that he had earlier urged the Afghan masses and people of the region to stand together against terrorism in a bid to establish durable peace and stability in the region.

“After the tragedies of Kabul, I had remarked that Afghans and the people of this region should align against terrorism. I consider the PashtunLongMarch a response to those remarks and a wake-up call against fundamentalism,” Ghani said in his twitter message.

Separately, hundreds of hundreds political and civil society activists under the leadership of Israr Karimzai gathered on Friday in Kabul and staged a peaceful demonstration in support to the Pashtun Long March in Islamabad. The protesters chanted slogans, “Death to Pakistan” and showed their unity and solidarity with the Pashtun Long March in Islamabad.

Speaking to media men, Israr Karimzai said our Pashtun brothers and sisters on the other side of Durand Line have been confronting worst type of state imposed militarism and terrorism, which has deprived them of peaceful life and fundamental human rights, adding Afghan masses stand in strongest unity and solidarity with the Pashtuns on the other side of Durand Line.

“Afghan masses stand behind the Pashtun Long March,” Karimzai said.

Pashtuns—across the board, under the occupation of Pakistan have decided to confront state sponsored terrorism and stands for their fundamental and historic rights which is highly commendable initiative, Israr added.

Moreover, Maiwand Aryan—a young leader of Loy Afghanistan movement in his speech highly appreciated the activists of Pashtun Long March in Islamabad.

“The Pashtun Long March has inspired the Afghan masses to come out on roads and streets in their support which is a sign of national unity to be appreciated,” Aryan said.

The Kabul protesters in a statement endorsed the demands of the Pashtun Long March and additionally urged the international community to declare Pakistan a terror sponsor state and imposed economic, political and diplomatic sanctions to force it to abandon its project of international terrorism.

“Pakistan’s security forces and their war proxies have been conducting slow motion Pashtun genocide in FATA. The United Nations peace keeping forces must be deployed to FATA,” the statement added.

Moreover, sending the United Nations facts and finding teams and humanitarian organizations and allowing international media outlets to FATA were also demanded by the protesters.

Likely, peaceful protests showing unity and solidarity with the Pashtun Long March would be held in various provinces of Afghanistan and abroad.

Additionally, the former NDS Chief Amrullah Saleh has also appreciated the Pashtun Long March and urged the Pashtuns on the other side of the Durand Line to wake up and rise up for their historic rights and against state sponsored terrorism.

“No country has ever benefited from protracted warfare. Pakistan thinks it can defy odds and can benefit. Not anymore. The Pashtun uprising in Pakistan questions the very idea of Pakistan as a nation state. Since inception in 1947 the establishment’s nightmare has been to cope with Pashtuns No,” Amrullah Saleh tweeted.

State machinery of Pakistan is very much nervous right now as a result of the ongoing Pashtun Long March in Islamabad, Afghanistan’s moral support to them and voices from around the world in support of Pashtun Long March.  Pakistan has been making efforts to create rifts among the protesters and wanting to end it as soon as possible through its lies and deceits. However, Pashtun Long March continues and wants a durable solution to their problems, posed by the state sponsored terrorism. It’s the responsibility of the international community to decide matters on merit and stand behind the Pashtun Long March by providing them justice against the State of Pakistan and consider revisiting Durand Line—a way forward to bring peace and stability in the region and to win war on terror.



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