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Peace must be on top of agenda, not election

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai’s Adviser, Shahzada Masoud said that there are unprecedented opportunities for Afghanistan to achieve peace, thus the government must pot on priority peace process as core remedy for crisis rather than going to election.

Mr. Masoud continued that running of free, fair and nationwide election is impossible without stability and peace, so it is essential to the government first concentrate on peace and reconciliation.

He said that currently serious efforts underway inside the country, as well as in the region and international levels and progresses have been reported in the aspect, so government must be on the same page to achieve peace in the country.

He said that considering the conflict issues and its negative outcome, it is required of all politicians, civil societies and people including women to first insist for achieving peace and later for running election.

After having peace, Afghan people will have the chance to run free, fair and nationwide election in a better manner, he noted.

He said that election will mean continuation of war, adding that mostly people are distrusted over election.

He stated that every related issue of Afghanistan must be consulted with the people of Afghanistan and the best address for making decision about Afghanistan is traditional Loya Jirga.

We want peace, but a respected peace with dignity, he asserted.

After the USA reached an agreement with the Taliban, intra-Afghan talks will be started, so it is required of government to introduce a delegation to be committed to national interests and be acceptable for all Afghan Nation, he mentioned.

Regional countries particularly Russia, China, India and Iran must be involved in Afghanistan peace process as well as Russia and China must have the role to guarantee the peace agreement, he underlined.  

It is pertained to mention that the parties and politicians insisting for following peace as top prior than election while,  presidential campaigning in Afghanistan is going on amid continuing violence and political uncertainty in a country and only one month left to the presidential election.

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