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‘Peace sans ceasefire impossible’

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KABUL: There is no peace if ceasefire is not observed, a top government official said on Wednesday in the course of ongoing peace talks between the US special envoy and Taliban Qatar-based members. 

Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish emphasized that without ceasefire agreement and beginning of intra-Afghan-talks with the government-centered role, no peace is possible.

Speaking to a gathering in Kabul, Danish called trust building efforts a very much important and need of the hour to ensure a ceasefire agreement between two sides.

“Trust building measures, ceasefire and beginning of intra-Afghan-talks have been the three essential requirements and key points that can success the peace process,” he added.

Danish underscored the perseverance of women rights, civil rights and freedom of speech by the government in the ongoing peace negotiation. “The government has the main responsibility to maintain the achievements of the past 18 years, the role of citizens, especially women and female journalist is important as well.”

The Second Vice President has expressed the remarks at a time when a Taliban spokesman has said they are close to reach a peace deal with US administration in the near future.

The ups and downs on the peace negotiations have been once again paused for around one month after the US top negotiator – Zalmay Khalilzad put a “ten-day” ceasefire precondition on the militants.

However, there are rumors that the peace talks may be damaged due to ongoing tensions between US-Iran as Tehran has strong influence in the region.

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