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People’s unity, solidarity caused Soviet withdrawal: Ghani

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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani says that one of the most important of the Soviet pullout from Afghanistan was people’s unity and solidarity, arguing that the same unity is needed now to bring a longstanding peace to the war-torn country.

The Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan 30 years ago after a 10 year war that caused deaths and damages. The last Soviet soldier left the country on February, 15, 1989.

“What helped us in victory at that time was trusting in God and people’s unity and solidarity in that sacred path (jihad). Now, once again we are in one of the landmark points of our history. We can put an end to the war by our unity and solidarity and achieve a real and lasting peace,” the president said on Friday in a video message to the nation on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Soviet drawdown.

He mentioned Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union invasion as a great achievement, calling that part of Afghan history.

Vice President, Sarwar Danesh pointed to the ongoing peace efforts by some regional and other states, urging that the efforts should not cause Afghanistan go backwards.

“No peace process without the presence of the government of Afghanistan will have a result and will be unproductive. Therefore, we ask the involved parties not to follow any process as the legal representative of Afghan people without the presence of the Afghan government,” said Danesh.

He blamed those who call for an interim administration for leading Afghanistan backwards, asking those who are insisting on war to join the peace process.

“I call the politicians to cooperate in the common points, and compete in the points that require competition like the elections,” said chief executive Abdullah Abdullah.

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