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Police confiscate ancient relics in Bamyan

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KABUL: Officials in Bamyan province say that police seized and confiscated three ancient relics.

The relics are a pitcher, a finger bowl and a samovar seized in the Yakawlang district’s village of Deh Sorkhak.

Provincial culture department said Saturday that the seized relics need more research.

“A number of little boys along with a shepherd found the relics and took them in the Deh Sorkhak,” Ishaq Mowahed, head of provincial culture department said.

Officials said that the relics would had been probably smuggled, adding that they were seized and confiscated timely.

Bamyan in the center of Afghanistan is rich for ancient and historic relics and monuments. The two giant Buddha statues are standing in the heart of mountains in the central Bamyan. The statues were exploded by Taliban in March 2001 months before the group was collapsed by a US-led international invasion of Afghanistan.

Smuggling of ancient relics has been a matter of concern for the province’s residents.

They blame the government for not fighting ancient relics smuggling.

“Smuggling of ancient relics and illegal excavations happen in Bamyan which is a matter of concern, while the government holds no plan to protect them,” said Wazir Ahmad Setiz, an intellectual in Bamyan.

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