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Police seize ancient relic being smuggled to abroad

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KABUL: Police at the Kabul International Airport seized an ancient relics planned to be smuggled to abroad.

Osman Janbaz, police commander at the airport, said Saturday that the relic was to be taken to Dubai and then to London.

“The relic was very skillfully hidden in a suitcase. Our investigation is continuing,” Janbaz said.

A man arrested on charge of smuggling, said that he had inherited the relic from his late father and he wanted to take to the UK where he lives.

“My father passed away a few days ago and I took his hat and prayer beads as mementos as well as the relic that has been in our house from my forefathers,” he said, without being named.

Thousands of valuable relics were smuggled to abroad especially to England after the mujahideen guerrillas looted the National museum during the four-year long civil war (1992-1996) in Kabul.

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