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Polio cases surged in Nangarhar

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KABUL: Residents in the eastern province of Nangarhar expressed concerns over the surge in polio cases, saying that the medical teams have not accomplished polio vaccination due to security threats in several parts of the province.

Doctors said that polio was a contiguous disease and that if the virus was not tackled properly, it would widely spread across the country.

“If the polio vaccine is not implemented on time and any case remains unchecked, then the virus will rapidly spread to other areas and will affect other children,” said Dr. Hamidullah Nangial.

Polio Vaccinators confirmed that there had not been any polio campaign for a long time due to security problems in many parts of the province.

Head of a vaccination team, Alia Ihsas said that she has become jobless for around six months as of now after the polio vaccination teams faced obstacles in the implementation of the vaccines.

Afghanistan is one of the few countries where poliovirus remained active.

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